By David Hare
February 11-15, 2020
Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford. 7.30pm (2.30pm Saturday matinee)

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Life, death and spaghetti

Tom and Kyra had a passionate, explosive affair some years ago, which Tom is hoping to rekindle following the death of his wife. While they share an obvious connection, a rich history and deep affection, the complications of their very different paths in life (he is an older, wealthy, successful restauranteur; she is a principled school teacher, dedicated to her students in a deprived part of London) and their very forceful personalities make reconciliation a challenging task.

Skylight is a much garlanded play from the acclaimed British writer David Hare. Justifiably lauded for the spiky, sparking dialog and chemistry between the characters, Skylight brings to the stage intense, witty, caustic and passionate drama, all while spaghetti is cooked live on stage.

ElevenOne Theatre have garnered much praise from critics and audiences for bringing entertaining, thought-provoking, contemporary plays to Oxford, including Copenhagen, After Miss Julie, and Blackbird. The perfect addition to this list, Skylight is a modern classic – funny, challenging, and utterly absorbing.

Kyra Hollis - Charlie Morgan

Tom Sergeant - Michael Taylor

Edward Sergeant - Billy Morton

Directed by Matthew Addis

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By David Hare

Arts at the Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford OX1 2AQ

February 11-15, 2020
7.30pm daily, (2.30pm Saturday matinee)
Tickets: from £12