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"Helen Taylor is a towering presence as Viv"

"Helen Taylor is a towering presence as Viv, portraying her mood swings with exceptional clarity; this is a really powerful and moving performance. Brian Earp is equally impressive as Tom, a man increasingly at the end of his tether as he struggles to understand and cope with his wife’s illness." Oxford Times

"The production keeps the action moving with a deft touch and captures the period detail with an elegant simplicity..... ElevenOne are to be congratulated for taking the risk and for bringing a challenging piece of drama (with some impressive performances) to the audiences of Oxford. Four stars." What's On Stage

"This is a production not to be missed"
"The captivating duet of the principals, Helen Taylor and Brian Earp, was complemented by a number of strong character actors, bringing this chamber piece to life." Daily Info

Posted by Mike Taylor, Mar 2, 2012