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Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale

Love or knowledge: which would you choose?

"ElevenOne’s production was flawless in its vivid depiction of life at Girton College in the late nineteenth century"

In Cate Nunn’s assured direction, this worthy subject never falls prey to preachiness, but retains throughout the sense of lived life — with all the conflicting, shifting currents and confusions that flesh is heir to. This not only makes for compelling human drama, but also puts across the play’s important political messages more powerfully than mere agitprop could do.

Victorian Cambridge: at the first women's college, a group of brilliant young women are fighting for the right to an equal education, and for the chance to determine their own futures.

Although women are allowed to attend the same lectures and sit the same exams as men, they are denied the right to graduate. And the price for even this small taste of freedom is high. Traditional bastions in academia resent them, while in the outside world they are viewed as 'blue-stockings': undesirable, unnatural women, unfit for marriage. But over the course of one turbulent year, a group of extraordinary men and women will fight to change the face of education forever.

Blue Stockings runs at the Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford from September 22-26. Tickets are available on 01865 305305, from the Oxford Playhouse and online at http://www.oxfordplayhouse.com/ticketsoxford/#event=19912

Tracey Rimell - Tess
Abigail Preece - Celia
Sarah Pyper - Carolyn / Lady
Sophia Levine - Maeve / Waitress
Ashley Hunt - Will
Josh Hall - Ralph / Billy Sullivan
Alistair Nunn - Lloyd / Professor Collins
Joe O'Connor - Edwards / Professor Radleigh
Jamie Potton - Holmes / Professor Anderson
Helen Taylor - Mrs Welsh
Ida Persson - Miss Blake
Paul Clifford - Mr Banks / Librarian
Nick Quartley - Dr Maudsley / Mr Peck
Judith Fantozzi - Miss Bott
Jo Cotterill - Minnie / Mrs Lindley

In this vibrant and big-hearted play, the young women of Girton College find friendship, love, and the dizzying rush of intellectual freedom. But as opposition gathers pace, their personal and academic lives collide and they face painful choices. Fulfillment or family, acceptance or ostracism, love or knowledge: which would you choose?

Tue, 22 Sep 7:30 PM Prices: £15 (£12)
Wed, 23 Sep 7:30 PM Prices: £15 (£12)
Thu, 24 Sep 7:30 PM Prices: £15 (£12)
Fri, 25 Sep 7:30 PM Prices: £15 (£12)
Sat, 26 Sep 2:30 PM Prices: All matinee tickets £12
Sat, 26 Sep 7:30 PM Prices: £15 (£12)

"ElevenOne is fast acquiring a reputation for slightly offbeat yet thoroughly enjoyable theatre." What's On Stage

"All three create an extraordinary tension on the austere stage, and for much of the time quite a lot of the audience seemed to be holding their breath." Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday on Copenhagen