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Praise for Private Lives

Jonathan Webb and Jenni Middleton as Elyot and Amanda (right)
'"Private Lives provides ElevenOneTheatre an excellent first opportunity, and one they confront with enthusiasm and considerable talent"


'"Coward famously said the secret of great acting is to remember one's lines and not bump into the furniture. Thankfully the cast bring a whole lot more to the table, imbuing his rapid-fire bon mots with an emotional authenticity and depth which is credit to director Helen Taylor's sensitive reading of the play."

'"Skilful performances all round, coupled with the director's dexterous stagecraft (particularly evident in Act Two's room-trashing blow-out during which the sparring couple go head-to-head in the stage equivalent of a posh Jerry Springer) this fast-paced, funny revival has a lot more to offer than cigarette holders, clipped accents and silk cravats. "


Ali Nunn and Jonathan Webb as Victor and Elyot (right)

'"There is an air of self-assurance in all aspects of the production that gives all of the audience confidence that they will be thoroughly entertained - which indeed is what happens. Taylor has assembled a strong cast who give us lively performances of a great comic play. I wonder what her next project will be..."


Ali Nunn (Victor), Rachel Johnson (Sybil), Jenni Middleton (Amanda) and Jonathan Webb (Elyot)

Posted by Mike Taylor, Mar 2, 2012