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Ida Persson La Bête is Ida's second production with ElevenOne Theatre, having previously appeared as Louise (the maid) in Private Lives in April 2009. She now inherits this part from herself, appearing as Dorinne... the maid. In Oxford Ida has worked on and off stage in shows for BMH and the Oxford Theatre Guild, including Wit, A Christmas Carol, Henry V, and the OTG Revue.

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January 12th-16th 2010, 7.30pm Matinee, Saturday 16th, 2.30pm

Hirson's dazzling play follows the fortunes of high-minded Elomire, who leads an acting company in the 17th-century court of Prince Conti. Disaster strikes when he's forced to accept Valere, a hilarious, self-obsessed and vulgar street clown into his troupe.

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Reviews for La Bête

"Persson ... offers a captivating portrayal of the rather odd maid. She has a flair for physical comedy that lights up her moments centre-stage. "

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From the playwright, David Hirson

Greetings from New York City! Having been a student at Oxford in the 1980s, I have a special affection for the place, and it pleases me to imagine that a play of mine is being performed there! I wish I could be there to see it, and to meet you personally! In lieu of that, Helen Taylor has asked me to write a few words.

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Q&A with the Director, Helen Taylor of ElevenOne Theatre

Helen Taylor has performed in more than seventy plays in London, Edinburgh and Oxford. Locally she has performed with the OTG, Cakes & Ale, Class ACT and Tomahawk theatre companies. This is her second production as director of the new theatre group, following their highly successful production of Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’ in April 2009.