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The Play’s The Thing by Ferenc Molnar and PG Wodehouse

November 1st-5th - Moser Theatre, Wadham College, Oxford

Playwrights Turai and Mansky have brought the script of their latest operetta to an Italian castle to show it to the show's star, the beautiful and spoiled Miss Szabo. They've also brought her fiance, the composer, along for the weekend. But the romantic atmosphere is shattered when they overhear Ilona in a highly compromising conversation with an ageing actor whose reputation is as bad as his acting. It's going to take quick thinking to mend the situation, reunited the lovers and save the operetta, but Turai is just the chap to do it...

Delicious and witty, this is a frothy confection of a comedy guaranteed to lift the spirits and lighten the heart, from the mercurial pen of Britain's best and brightest comic writer, PG Wodehouse

Posted by Mike Taylor, Mar 2, 2012