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"an excellent start to the theatrical year"

Reviews for La Bête

"an excellent start to the theatrical year"

"The story has many concerns, but the most important is the difference between articulacy and chatter, and this difference’s relation to intelligence, creativity and success. The results surprise.
"It just takes a while for this all-important undercurrent to emerge. Yet, the beauty of the play is that it is never clear cut or didactic."
"...this is an excellent start to the theatrical year; this play is intelligent, thought-provoking and really pretty funny. Stick with it, and you’ll be rewarded."
James Benefield

Four star review on Whatsonstage.co.uk

"At the heart of the play is the coarse comedian Valere – played with brio, dexterity and enormous panache by Bill Moulford. From the moment he arrives on stage, he is unstoppable. I don’t think I have seen a more committed performance from a non-professional actor. His comic timing is near perfect and he captivates the audience completely"
"Persson ... offers a captivating portrayal of the rather odd maid. She has a flair for physical comedy that lights up her moments centre-stage. "
"With a talented cast and a polished production, this is the ideal opportunity to discover a hidden gem. Brave the elements and go. You will not be disappointed."
Simon Tavener

...myriad of ridiculous, comical moments...

"111theatre's production is glorious - a visually evocative set, period costumes and an unpretentious staging which frees the cast to deliver the dialogue/action with a panache, accuracy and pace that leaves you simply speechless. "
"The entire cast is strong and to be praised as they tackle this demanding play with such confidence and physical energy that it is a sheer joy to watch."

"I recommend you read- no really, I insist, an author whom remarkably, you've missed

"The author is David Hirson, the play is 'La Bête', playing at the OFS theatre this week, put on by 111Theatre.
"La Bête is a rhyming verse comedy set in 17th century France. The play was written, notably, in 1992. Yes, 1992, not 1692. Hirson takes the rhyming couplet structure of Moliere and infuses it with liberal, 20th century edginess.
"The result is one of the most positively brilliant and hilarious pieces of theatre ever written- the play won the prestigious Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.
"The production at OFS which I had the pleasure of previewing last night serves the text up straight and quick, just as it should.
"The play is set in the Court of the enlightened despot Prince Conti. The Prince has just discovered an actor named Valere and wants him to join his courtly troupe of actors. There's only one problem: Valere is an egotistical, megalomaniacal chucklehead.
"The production is amazingly well cast by director Helen Taylor. There really were no weak links at all in the ten person cast. The ensemble work is great. One thing which particularly impressed me was the quality of attention the actors were able to give one another.
"Special accolades go out to Bill Moulford, who pulls off the amazingly daunting role of Valere with great hambone charm (and who just about made me piss my pants wih laughter), Phillip Cotterill for his delightfully disgusted deadpan and last but certainly not least Colin Burnie as Prince Conti, whose timing is razor sharp and whose deliveries are most pleasantly varied.
"In sum, if you like diamonds in the rough, 111Theatre's La Bete is for you. Please please please for the love of all that is sacred: Don't miss it because you haven't heard of the play or the company, both of which are new.
"Imagine if an unknown play called 'The Importance of Being Earnest' was being put on in Oxford a hundred and six years ago. Would you take a chance and go see 'who the devil this Oscar Wilde chap is' or would you stay home and twiddle your thumbs?
"Don't give it a second thought - SEE IT!"
Alex Dault (reproduced with permission)

Posted by Mike Taylor, Mar 2, 2012